• ? Work for a DCer 
  • ? $350 Referral Bonus 
  • ? Anywhere in the World 
  • ? Open to Any Level Experience 
  • ⚕️ International Healthcare Coverage

The Migration Advisor uses various methods for transferring online businesses over from the seller to the buyer and understands the integral parts of each business. The person in this role will deal with problems that arise on the fly and guide our buyers and sellers through the migration process, finding solutions to their unique problems and ensuring customers leave happy with our process.

Essential Functions 
  • Consult with buyers and sellers to answer questions on how we go about transferring their business and provide support throughout the entire migration process. 
  • Manage multiple migration workflows; determining priorities with multiple migrations as well as assisting our migration specialists when they have concerns and conflicts within each individual migration. 
  • Renegotiate with both parties when issues arise. 
  • Ensure businesses are working as is and make sure both parties have fulfilled their needs on each side. 
  • Assist buyers and sellers who are new and may require more support through the entire process. 
  • Ensure assets are performing to the level they were sold at, and that they are moved over to the new owner in a successful manner. 
  • Handle earn-out payments between the same monetization methods; deem and dictate schedules and payouts; 
  • Handle other duties as assigned. 

  • Communication Proficiency: You’re a problem solver. Selling a business is an intimate experience for most entrepreneurs, especially if it is the first business someone is selling or buying. This means you will face obstacles and challenges in transitioning the business. It will be up to you to make sure those challenges are met head-on and solved. 
  • Ability to learn technical processes: You will be working in the backend of our buyers and sellers businesses. We have detailed processes for each of our tasks and it will be your responsibility to ensure these processes are adhered to in each migration. You will need to get comfortable with platforms such as Seller Central, WordPress, Shopify, Stripe, and many more. 
  • Interpersonal Skills: You genuinely enjoy forming meaningful relationships with other people, and your sense of humor can produce a smile even in tense situations. Others inherently trust you because of your authentic disposition. 
  • Detail-oriented and organized with your priorities: You have a curiosity when a process is slowing down unexpectedly and use investigative skills to address the issue. 

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work 
This is a full-time position. Evenings, weekends, and working within different time zones may be required as job duties demand. 

Required Skills 
  • You must be a good fit with us culturally; 
  • You must have a passion for travel, ideally with long periods of previous travel outside your home country; 
  • You are hungry to learn and fun to work with; 
  • Experience with some online technical literacy is a plus; 
  • A background in e-commerce or online business is also helpful; 
  • You are proficient with Google Suite, Slack, and Zoom; 
  • You must be highly motivated, goal-driven, and coachable

Work Authorization
You must be able to pass a background assessment that involves a credit check and criminal history check.

Details to Keep in Mind 
Our company is built on a culture of remote work, travel, and living life on your terms. Being a location-independent full-time position is one of the many benefits!
We aren’t going to chain you to a cubicle. You’ll be free to work anywhere that serves your lifestyle best (*see USA resident requirements below).
While we’re an Inc. 5000 company, we’re not a Fortune 500 company. You won’t be some badge number in the corporate machine. We will want your input and insight. As you gain more experience, we are going to rely on you to make our process better and smoother for our sellers while also helping to increase the number of high-quality businesses that go live on our marketplace.
You won’t start off making much money. This is an entry-level position. For the first six months, you will be paid $2,700 USD per month during the probation period. After six months, you will be introduced to our compensation plan where you will earn a base pay of $3,000 USD per month plus a performance-based bonus. Within 12 months, you can expect to earn $40,000-$46,000 USD per year, and have paid, international healthcare coverage.