Decibel is building the future of audio advertising and we’re looking for the right to designer to build the platform that will take on the $30 billion / year radio industry by democratizing access for SMBs. 

As our funding round gets nearer to closing and as we’re shifting gears into growth mode we’re looking for a UI/UX Lead to help us shape and optimize the dashboard that will let small businesses meaningfully compete with enterprise in an emerging marketing channel. Not to overly romanticize what we’re doing, we do sell ads senator, but our team does have a passion for supporting entrepreneurs and people building businesses that serve their communities.

About us: We’re a small team that’s fully remote (and will be forever) worldwide, and asynchronous 90% of the time. I, Jeromy, am a full time digital nomad currently in Costa Rica with my family. Outside a handful of meetings a week and 2 company get togethers for a ~5 days twice a year you mostly work on your own time. We strongly believe that the quality of work and amount of output is more important than hours worked, and that people do their best work (and stick around longer) when they can live the lives they want outside of work. Whether it’s traveling the world or never missing a t-ball game for your kid and staying in your town we look to be a place where top 1% performers are able to work on their terms. We’re a group of people from lots of different backgrounds, but we come together by being mission oriented and focusing on getting the best possible outcomes for our customers.
The role: We’re looking for a highly ambitious and self motivated individual with a passion for creating beautiful and extremely intuitive user interfaces while also being data driven and focused on conversion rate optimization. This person will have the opportunity to shape the product in a meaningful way and grow with the company by building it together. Design for its own sake is not our goal, but rather driving the optimal outcomes with design as a tool for both SMBs and Decibel is the goal. The right person for this role will understand that this is a journey not a destination and has a testing focused mindset and leads with customer empathy to constantly be improving the experience of our product. With all that said we also need someone that is business focused and understands the marketing funnel. Tools like mixpanel and hotjar are your go-to when diagnosing a drop off in conversions at specific steps. The ideal candidate:
-Has a background in creating user interfaces for complex web apps in both mobile and desktop environments
-Understands the marketing funnel and is focused on conversion rate optimization. You understand the acronyms CLTV + CAC
-Can implement and knows html, css, and bonus React. Ideally you have at least 4 years of experience with these.
-Has worked remotely as an employee or contractor for at least 2+years.
-Bonus if you have a background in e-commerce or SaaS UI design. Extra bonus if you have worked in one of those for a small business focused audience.
What we don’t care about:
-Credentialism. If you know you can do the job but don’t meet the strict requirements apply anyways.
-Where you live. International candidates are encouraged as long as you speak fluent English.
Compensation is negotiable as is status as either a contractor part time or as an FTE. We’re flexible to the right candidate. However, this is an ongoing engagement and you’ll need to be comfortable planning on 20+ hours a week worth of work at a minimum. No agencies. Agencies won’t be considered. No recruiters either.
To apply please email us at hi@decibelads.com.  A portfolio or project you’re proud of that you’ve worked on and why you’re the right fit for the job.