Creditspring is on a mission to improve the financial stability for 40% of the UK population. Our innovative consumer credit product offers interest-free loans in exchange for a small monthly membership fee — a safety net against the risk of high cost short term borrowing.
The data tech stack is built on Python and AWS. The web application generating the data is built on Ruby/Rails and deployed to Heroku.  We truly love what we do, that’s why we follow the best practices to build a high quality tech product; we work together with non-technical stakeholders to understand the why behind the what, we strongly value automated testing, we review and improve each other’s code, we make time to share and discuss cool technology, and we we clean up Tech Debt as we go.
Engineering at Creditspring is a fully remote team; we did not start as a remote first company, but COVID accelerated our remote work practices. We work remotely together by writing everything down on Basecamp, setting team goals using OKRs, and by meeting all together once a quarter to have fun together. We also have a friendly office in London near Portobello road market!

Why working with us
  • A Positive Mission. We help people to go from debt to savings without stress. Very few companies get these reviews in finance.
  • An Exciting Architecture. We use Event sourcing in Ruby/Rails. Check out this talk from our CTO at the London Ruby User Group.
  • A Greenfield Tech Stack. In 2020 we started building our internal data products and we are now looking to grow our data advantage and start from a clean slate. We want to use Python and Cloud infrastructure, the rest will be decided by you.

What you will be doing day-to-day
  • Collect, analyse, clean and transform data from our 300 GB operational database and external API sources. Build data models, data pipelines and stores, and various models to improve data quality.
  • Build and own a centralized data warehouse that assembles key data and insights about customers, users and products into one central location.
  • Collect and understand user requirements to build a data ecosystem that empowers data analysts, data scientists and business stakeholders.
  • Help integrate the data warehouse with BI tools and other applications to provide business and technical users with secure, flexible trustworthy access to the data they need, through interfaces that meet their specific needs

Tech Skills to Succeed
  • Strong knowledge of Python and SQL.
  • Good understanding of software development fundamentals: testability, performance, simplicity – in essence, clean code.
  • Experience with Python libraries for data transformation and data pipelines (Numpy, Pandas, Luigi, Airflow).
  • Experience in data management, custom ETL design and data modeling.
Plus it would be nice for you to have
  • Experience with PostgreSQL (our operational database).
  • Experience with event driven architectures. E.g. Kafka, Kinesis/Firehose.
  • Experience with Data Warehouse databases (Snowflake or Redshift).

Salary Range
  • £65k-£80k depending on experience. Equity negotiable.

Benefits and holidays
  • £1500 yearly training budget for conferences, courses and books.
  • New company Macbook laptop.
  • 25 days holidays.
  • Equity participation.
  • Health insurance with Bupa (if UK based).
  • Classpass membership (if UK based).

About you
  • You are driven by a passion to solve real user problems in a technically elegant way.
  • You know that Agile is a mindset and not a set of tools.
  • You trust automated testing to guarantee the quality and maintainability of what you build.
  • You have your own set of trusted open-source tools.
  • You keep yourself up-to-date following tech blogs and reading books.
  • You take a pragmatic approach to software development.
  • You have a good collection of production war-stories to share.

About us