You’ve found them, the perfect match. Good looking, sense of humour, the whole package and soon they’re going to be in your arms. Only they are not beautiful nor funny, they not even the same gender you thought they were!

We make sure that this type of thing doesn’t happen to the users on dating sites.

Identify patterns, profile the modus operandi of identified bad actors and help us develop strategies to better combat them. Your natural curiosity will lead to questions, whose answers you will find in observable patterns and trends enabling a surgical strike.

We don’t interfere with those doing the right thing but we are ruthless where we need to be. We are like surgeons, not lumberjacks. We are precise, effective and don’t cause collateral damage.

No specific work experience is required, just be hard working, communicate well, willing to learn (constantly) and be comfortable with technology. If you had had trouble opening your browser and navigating to this post, this probably isn’t the job for you!

If you come from an atypical field of work or you’re intrigued by fringe aspects of life – you’re going to feel right at home here. We get work done but don’t take ourselves too seriously. We look after each other just as we watch over site members. Just because its crazy out there doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun in here.

You’ll be working up to 40 flexible hours a week. The more hours you can offer between 6am and 8pm EST, the better. We operate 24/7 all year round so it’s possible to carve out the work schedule you have always wanted. Some weekend work is involved but we share the load and stick to the expected weekly hours.

Prove yourself by achieving without the need for constant prodding and join the ranks of a core team that has been together for years. We’re distributed globally and have always been remote.

If you want to join the team, we would love to hear from you! Highlight any past experience in related work and operating remotely.

*Candidates from the UK, Ireland, South Africa and Canada are invited to apply for this position.*