Looking for the next big move in your career? We’re a fully remote (since before covid!) international digital studio (growing 2x yearly, 30+ people) looking to hire a Client Success Manager. Sounds intriguing? Read on…
? The TL:DR;
We’re looking for a Client Success Manager. Taking this role at ColorElephant means being the partner of our clients in the execution of their projects. You’ll communicate with the client to gather requirements, pass those on internally and be the “internal voice of the customer” advocating for the project and ensuring it is delivered on time and with quality. You’ll also own the project plan and are expected to work as an advisor to our client. A level of understanding of digital products is expected so you can better guide our clients. You do so, working alongside your Internal Project Manager, designer and senior strategists at ColorElephant. This is a fully-remote, permanent, full-time position.
? This is for you if…
1. You’re looking for a remote, long-term position
2. You have experience (2/3 years) in: Product Manager, Product Owner, Account Manager (for digital agencies or other broad digital businesses), Digital Strategy;
3. You have some technical understanding (although you don’t need to code) — you can understand what is possible and isn’t and what rough effort is associated with such.
4. You are fluent in English
5. You have an entrepreneurial, self-started, get things done mentality — the whole point is to get things done;
6. You love to communicate with people and are a communicator at heart;
7. You’re comfortable with a high number of meetings (Zoom) including video. Your role is to connect people.
8. Have been involved in software — specially mobile and web — before;
Note: You’ll see we never specify stuff like “Be a team player” or “Be dedicated” and stuff like that. That is a base requirement for any position these days, but just know we also like these things people usually ask for:  motivated, focused, hard-worker that likes to grow and learn more, that works well with others and has a positive attitude ?
? This is even better if…
1. You have agency experience;
2. You have experience that allows you to advise our clients — you understand how digital works, you’ve built digital products before and can help them navigate building one and what choices make the most sense.
3. Ability to communicate clearly with others, namely clients, and fully own communication.
4. Excellent organization and time management skills
??‍? What you’ll do
You’ll be responsible to own the relationship with our clients, get clarity on what needs to be built and relay it to the team, while making sure the team updates, concerns and questions are effectively shared with the client.
— You’ll fully own client communication, ensuring our clients get accurate, frequent updates and any deviation from plans is promptly communicated and mitigated.
— You’ll define and set expectations both internally and externally. Ensure the level of delivery the client is expecting is aligned with what the team, led by the Internal Project Manager, is set to deliver. Adjust internal or external expectations to match reality.
— Own the project plan — you must be able to recite deadlines, milestones and upcoming deliverables so you are always on top of these, internally and externally.
— Gather requirements (at a business level) from the client. Make sure there is clarity from the team on what we want to build. Relay team questions and ensure both sides are aligned.
— Communicate, often and clearly, internally on decisions and input from the client (e.g. we require a meeting summary to be written).
—Join daily standups with the team to get updates on project or relay information. Do at least a weekly call with client.
— Ensure project documentation is being created and maintained by all relevant team members.
— Although QA would have done the vast majority of the work, you should ultimately test all releases to ensure what we are delivering is what the client expects.
— Work as some sort of digital strategist, leveraging the team’s knowledge to make recommendations that move the needle in the quality of the client’s project and his/her business;
☯️ Differences to the role of Internal Project Manager
Internally the work is split between Account/Project Managers and Internal Project Managers.
In a nutshell, Internal Project Managers have cross-project, internal responsibilities, while Client Success Managers have external / project specific responsibilities.
The two do work, however, in close collaboration with each other and are both ultimately responsible for delivering our client’s project.
You can think of your Internal Project Manager counter-part as the person more closely managing the internal team and the day-to-day tasks to reach the objectives you set with the client. They prepare sprints, enforce the sprints, run standups and identify bottlenecks while adding a bit more technical detail to the requirements.
You’ll handle client communication and expectation setting, gather requirements and push internally any of the client’s communication or information. Together, you’ll build the scope, the project plan (with milestones resulting from your input) and then execute it.

See attached a breakdown ?

? What is in for you?
– An unique challenge that enables you to grow, while having the opportunity to shape OUR future;
– Insane levels of ownership, independence and responsibility;
– Fast-track to a leadership position within the organization on the client relationship area;
– Competitive salary proposal for position and location;
– Work from anywhere with our remote policy. We know sometimes the best work is done in the beach (or mountain, or… ) ?
– Bonuses for performance indicators we’d mutually agree;
– Be part of our profit-sharing program and take a slice of ColorElephant’s collective success;
– Flexible vacation/days off policy
– Training / Self-Development Yearly Package
– Be involved in building products from the ground-up working up-close with engineers, designers and some of the best entrepreneurs and enterprise leads around the world;
– Yearly Bonuses Program
– Paid parental leave / Flexible conditions on return
– Continuous Training (both on site and online)
– Ability to work in complex projects of Fortune500 as well as small companies.
– Contribute with your suggestions and see your feedback and opinion impact products used by millions worldwide
– Be part of a growing team full of talent