About Clevertech
Clevertech is a leading consultancy that is on a mission to build transformational digital solutions for the world’s most innovative organizations. We hire software developers who are passionate about working with other senior programmers and the latest cutting-edge technology on high-performing teams.
Who we’re looking for
We are looking for someone who embraces the uniqueness of everyone’s journey. If you are someone who is passionate about creating a space for senior developers to identify the next step in their career, ready to provide a new perspective, and unafraid to give adjusting feedback – we want to hear from you. 
You are:
A highly organized, detail-oriented, quick-learning person who is engaging, warm, and can easily connect with others. A person who is passionate about helping others become an expert in their craft by coaching them through their challenges. Someone who understands how to align the organization’s goals with individual staff goals and loves building community.
Key Responsibilities:
  • One on ones
  • Execute 10-12 one on ones per week with staff and help coach them through challenges by giving new perspectives while keeping in mind the organization’s goals.
  • Comfortable delivering negative feedback if necessary.
  • Identify and escalate appropriate concerns to leadership in a timely manner and provide solutions.
  • Gather and develop learning maps for those who are looking to master a specific skill.
  • Onboarding
  • Send and follow up on contracts or emails sent to new hires.
  • Conduct engaging virtual onboarding sessions and help new hires complete their checklist before joining Clevertech.
  • Ensure new and old hires understand and maintain Clevertech’s values and standards.
  • Help improve and optimize the onboarding process as Clevertech continues to expand.
  • Special Projects
  • Promote, organize, and run company-wide virtual events and contests (i.e. Virtual Happy Hours, E-Sport Games Tournaments, Swag giveaways).
  • Engage staff through slack by asking interesting questions and creating a space to share accomplishments.
  • Bonus 
  • If you’ve created content for youtube, podcasts, and blogs. 
  • Can storyboard and edit videos.