Our 100% remote team of 200+ CleverPeople are seasoned yet friendly professionals who want to collaborate and welcome you. We have an exciting new opening for a Communications Specialist.
What we’re working on
Enterprise companies turn to us to help them launch innovative digital products that interact with hundreds of millions of customers, transactions and data points. The problems we solve everyday are real and require creativity, grit and determination. We are building a culture that challenges norms while fostering experimentation and personal growth. We are hiring team members who are passionate and energized by the vision of empowering our customers in a complex industry through technology, data and a deep understanding of client concerns. In order to grasp the scale of problems we face, ideally you have some exposure to Logistics, FinTech, Transportation, Insurance, Media or other complex multifactor industries.
About Clevertech
Clevertech is a leading consultancy that is on a mission to build transformational digital solutions for the world’s most innovative organizations. We hire software developers who are passionate about working with other senior programmers and the latest cutting-edge technology on high-performing teams.
Who we’re looking for
We are looking for someone who can turn anything into a captivating story and someone who can persuade anyone to do almost anything. If you know how to energize and excite senior developers about topics ranging from standard operating procedures to events to the values of our company – we want to hear from you.

You are:

  • A person who understands how senior developers think, what they like, where they hang out on the web, and how to talk their lingo.
  • Someone who has a journalism background worked for a newspaper or was in a public relations role.
  • You have a way of communicating with people (mostly developers) in a way that makes them feel both excited and wants to take action.
  • You are confident in your ability to write interesting blog posts, youtube scripts, and social media content.
  • You can relay information via slack or email in a way that is brief and catchy.
  • You understand how to organize internal and external communications.
  • You produce research into what is important and trending to help raise our brand profile and attract talent.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Write and publish blog posts that appeal to software developers
  • Write scripts for explainer videos, training, and youtube videos
  • Plan and produce content for social media and conduct social media campaigns
  • Write the company’s internal and external newsletters
  • Secure speaking engagements
  • Conduct research to suggest topics that are important and trending to help raise our brand profile
  • Work with the culture team on internal and external communication strategies for a variety of topics and goals