We started Chameleon after being frustrated at poor user onboarding, and feeling required to speak with sales before we could start using new products.
We were early in this “product-led” or “product-first” movement, but now it is a big strategic theme for many companies. And we help make it happen: our mission is to help other software teams better enable “self-serve” experiences for their users.
This means enabling our customers to offer personalized, contextual, dynamic in-product user experiences which help their users succeed.
However, that doesn’t mean we can succeed being reliant on only technology — people assisting in intelligent and creative ways really super-charge adoption and usage of software products.
So, as our customer base grows (close to 500 customers) we are seeking a Solutions Architect to be a technical product expert and consultant, to provide best practices, uncover issues, and generate solutions to help customers create what they want and drive measurable success.
This role is foundational to the success of Chameleon; in creating fans, increasing product usage, building organic growth, and developing long-term relationships with customers.

What you will do specifically
  • Drive new customer onboarding, which includes: leading kick-off calls (sharing best practices), joining implementation check-ins, and co-building sessions etc.
  • Run regular customer expert sessions with our top customers to jointly identify how they can better leverage Chameleon to drive value, and collecting their feedback for the product
  • Contribute to a customer-centric culture by championing customer needs and influencing product priorities within our team
  • Engage customers experiencing difficulty in a friendly and comforting manner
  • Investigate issues (often includes logging into our customers’ software and being able to recreate the issue consistently) and uncover the underlying technical problems
  • Help develop training materials (e.g. help guides, video clips etc.) for our customers
  • Increase usage of Chameleon and expansion of revenue from existing customers

Skills and experience that will aid success in this role
  • 2+ years working in Technical Account Management, Solutions Engineering, Sales Engineering or Technical Customer Success or in product management (ideally working on growth initiatives)
  • 1+ years working at a SaaS startup (<50 employees)
  • Deep understanding of HTML, CSS, JS; web technologies (e.g. iframes, shadow DOMs, SPAs, etc.); APIs; and browser console debugging tools
  • Eye for design and opinions on how software UX can be improved
  • Empathy with customers’ goals, frustrations, and circumstances; desire to help others

Other requirements
  • You have a fully functioning workstation and a quiet place to work (and take calls) with a high-speed internet connection
  • You are in an Americas timezone (i.e. based in ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? etc.)
  • This is your full-time job (no other part-time roles)
  • Fluency (written and verbal) in English
Chameleons are all different and uniquely beautiful. They change and aren’t required to associate or identify with any specific labels. We welcome the chance to get to know you and are committed to building a diverse and inclusive team that consists of a variety of backgrounds, cultures, languages, experiences, preferences, and characteristics. That’s what helps us all grow and evolve. ? Learn more about our team, culture, and vision in our company page