This position is primarily for a two-week summer bridge program, one week virtually and one week in-person. The in-person week will be the week before classes begin. 
The Wildcat Academy is a support program designed to increase the persistence of underrepresented first year students at the University of Kentucky. The mission is to assist students in getting connected early and to guide their transition to college through the utilization of CARES & SSS services and other University resources. Leaders in the program are expected to do the following: 
➢ Complete training 
➢ Attend orientation 
➢ Make contact with Wildcat Academy participants during the two-week summer bridge program (5-10 hours per week) 
(This program will be held two weeks prior to the start of the fall 2021 semester and will continue throughout the year.) 
➢ Plan/Facilitate activities 
o i.e., game nights, scavenger hunts,etc. 
➢ Facilitate small group meetings 
o Discuss various of topics 
o Answer student questions, etc. 
➢ Build a sense of community 
➢ Collaborate with other leaders to plan group activities 
➢ Other duties assigned