We are: A team of engineers and real estate geeks evolving the real estate industry. Backed by Ben Kinney Companies, we are a B2B2C enterprise SAAS company making software that allows our customers to maximize home sales. Our development team is headquartered in Bellingham, WA with remote developers working throughout North America, from Florida to Hawaii and Costa Rica to Washington.
Our company has a strong mission ensuring our tools make Brivity the only system that guarantees success in real estate. We are always striving to be better engineers, evaluating ourselves through retrospectives, putting the resulting action items into practice and supporting personal growth by sharing techniques and best practices through lunch-and-learns and group discussions on new technology.
We’re growing at a rapid rate and we’re looking to build new technology to scale our business. We’re looking for team members who want to build impactful solutions to a really challenging problem: keeping the real estate agent relevant in the home buying/selling process.
The Core team owns several software products built as individual offerings and as a platform solution. These products are built using a services approach, communicating through API calls and message queue technologies. We are building towards moving to event bus systems to handle load. As these systems provide the foundational information about all client data, building and supporting services that are robust at scale is central to our mission.
We are looking for a Director of DevOps reporting to the CTO who has experience with Kubernetes and AWS. You have built and deployed solutions using Kubernetes, EKS, EC2, RDS, and other AWS services. You will be working with our current DevOps team and the multiple engineering teams that make up Brivity.
  • Building the DevOps team to continue to support and enhance multiple SaaS products and services written in a variety of language
  • Manage, monitor, enhance and secure our current Kubernetes installations, AWS EC2, EKS, RDS and other services and our Gitlab and Gitlab CI/CD system
  • Work with the development engineers configuring projects and pipelines for deployment
  • Participating actively in cross-functional feature requirements gathering, design, and implementation
  • Representing DevOps to the Business Team for discussing and resolving technical issues with a business impact
  • Being on call to solve infrastructure issues as they infrequently arise
  • At least 2 years of Kubernetes
  • At least 4+ years of Linux experience
  • At least 3+ development experience
  • At least 2+ years Ansible
  • Strong VPN/VPC networking skills
  • Experience with AWS databases and services (mysql, postgresql)
  • Experience automating web server deployments (nginx, apache)
  • Experience instrumenting services in a variety of languages (ruby, dotnet, nodejs, golang, php)
  • Strong shell scripting skills
  • Experience writing Dockerfiles
  • Experience with Kibana
  • Experience with Gitlab
  • A strong understanding of what Cloud Native means, how to architect 12-factor apps, and how to advocate for development that scales along with understanding the business tradeoffs
  • A zen-like patience for reading and writing documentation
  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect