About Us

We are the leading Pilates Training Organisation in Australia with over 3000 graduates and our sights are now set on international expansion.  We are growing quickly and currently have 35+ full-time team members based in Australia, USA & the Philippines. 

Our purpose (what gets us out of the bed in the morning) is to help our students transform into confident, fearless, and scientifically literate movement teachers. 

Our mission is to create and dominate a market for online Pilates education in Australia & America by the end of 2022 and the world by 2023. 

We’re a passionate and driven bunch of people that genuinely live and breathe our purpose, mission, and values daily, striving to build something bigger than ourselves and take as many students along the transformational journey of becoming who they want to be. 

Keep reading if you want to join our team that is passionate and driven to change the pilates industry worldwide. 

About Student Success
Our definition of Student Success is a student successfully completing their learning journey and feeling confident, empowered and industry-ready. The desired outcome is that our graduates are active in the Pilates teaching industry and would 100% recommend us to family and friends. 

We measure the success of the student journey both quantitatively and qualitatively and use a combination of proactive contact points, excellent customer service and coaching to enable our students to succeed.

Student Success is more than just ‘customer service’. We go beyond simply answering student questions and step into the role of coaching them towards their goals and dreams.

The role of Student Success is to support, coach and challenge students to achieve their full potential and complete their student journey. A great Student Success coach motivates you to do what you don’t want to do, in order to become what you want to become.

We believe in reading between the lines of a student’s problem or question, helping them get in touch with their “why” for learning, then working with them to build a plan to succeed.

We are insanely passionate about empowering people through movement and we LOVE our students; they are the future Rockstar Trainers of the world. 

We need additional team members who share this vision and are just as passionate as we are to coach and empower students through a transformative learning journey.

Our Company Values

These are our seven core values. We hold them dear and place a high emphasis on embodying each of them on a daily basis. Living these values forms an equal part of employee performance appraisal along with role-related KPIs.
  • We prioritise self-care – We exercise or move daily, we take time for ourselves, we manage our time and energy so that we bring our best self to each interaction and each task.
  • We face challenge with optimism – We take ownership of our emotions. We don’t complain, instead we generate solutions and act to implement them. When we are faced with a setback or obstacle we proactively and cheerfully look for opportunities to adjust, persevere, innovate a solution or take advantage.
  • We use science and data – When we make decisions or discuss options, we come with data to back up our opinions, and we change our minds when presented with compelling new information. We act quickly and decisively to address student feedback BUT first we carefully differentiate between a small number of very vocal people and an actual trend in student behaviour.
  • We foster people to reach high standards – We expect hard work, optimism and respectful behaviour from our colleagues, our students and ourselves. We don’t buy into people’s stories about why they can’t succeed; instead we coach our students and our colleagues to do the things they need to do in order to become what they want to become.
  • We innovate and improve constantly – We change our minds and behaviours quickly when presented with compelling new data. We work constantly to improve our own skills and intelligence through reading, self-education, mentoring and formal training. We constantly review our processes and ask the question “what would this look like if it was easy?”
  • We are radically candid – We give each other and our students completely frank, unvarnished, and timely feedback on behaviours and the effects of those behaviours. We give feedback with love and respect. We focus our feedback on the behaviour not the person. We do not complain about people when they are not present, or roll our eyes, instead we simply address the problem behaviour directly, respectfully and candidly.
  • We strive for simplicity – We employ 80/20 thinking in all things by focussing on our Big Three and the Mission.  We prioritise tasks that will either move these forward the most, or that will make many other tasks redundant. We strive to design processes, policies and technology whose purpose and use are self-evident to the user so they don’t need instructions.
About You
  • You have experience in leading a team in a Customer Success or CX department, in a technology-driven company growing from $10 – $50 million
  • Your definition of leadership is to develop people so they can take ownership and become leaders
  • You can lead from the front – you don’t ask your people to do anything you wouldn’t do yourself
  • You have a passion for improving processes and building a better experience for the customer
  • When you read our values listed above you thought “that’s me”
If you join our amazing all star team, we want you to bring the hustle, grit, and passion to everything you do here.  You will be expected to take high ownership and improve yourself constantly. You will be held accountable to our 7 Core Values and will be expected to hold your teammates accountable as well. Our values are what unify us and allow us to make the impact that we do. They are crucial in our mission to becoming the undisputed world champion of online science-based movement education.
Previous Experience
  • At least 5 years’ experience leading a remote Customer Success or CX team in an online technology-driven B2C business
  • Ideally, you have experienced growth from ~$10 million to $50 million+ and can help us anticipate and overcome the challenges we’ll face on that path
  • Scalable solutions, customer journey and a high level of customer satisfaction are your passions
  • You have experience measuring your team’s performance using NPS, Google Reviews, Trustpilot or other quantitative measures of customer satisfaction
  • You have solid coaching skills to address both staff development & customer retention
 About the role
  • This is a full-time role, commencing immediately
  • Our team are fully distributed – everyone works from home: There is no “office”
  • Majority of the Student Success team are located in Melbourne, Australia.  
  • Work hours to have cross over with Melbourne Australia, and some cross over with USA (East & West Coasts)
  • This is a hands-on role; you will be actively supporting the team to grow from supporting the experience of  700 to 7000 students a year. 
  • You will be optimising processes, talking to students throughout their journey, reading and actioning their feedback and building systems for us to be the world’s largest and best online Pilates training provider
  • You will receive subsidised personal and professional development. Internal and external training, reading and mentoring will form part of your role
  • You will report to the General Manager and be a part of the Breathe Education Leadership team
  • You will lead and develop the Student Success Representatives 
  • You will have free access to online Pilates classes, anatomy and clinical science training with some of Australia’s and the world’s best trainers and educators
A typical week includes
  • Weekly 1:1 session with each of your direct reports to assess their progress against KPIs, guide their development, and receive feedback from them 
  • Holding the Weekly team meeting and reporting on the teams progress in the Weekly Leadership meeting 
  • Weekly 1:1 session with each of your direct reports to assess their progress against KPIs, guide their development, and receive feedback from them 
  • Improve your team’s operational efficiency.
  • Track patterns in student  NPS scores, questions or problems and communicate those patterns with the relevant team or develop systems to pre-empt them
  • Build, implement & train your team on processes that create empowering and transformative customer relationships which include consistent follow-through, setting proper expectations and accountability, and advocating for student issues within internal departments
  • Coaching calls with students who display “at risk” behaviour patterns
How to apply

Please film a short 5-minute video addressing these questions:

·    Describe a time you fostered someone to reach a higher standard
·    What has your best customer service experience been? What made it stand out?
·    How would you bring good/bad customer feedback to the team?

Upload the video to YouTube set to unlisted. 

Email a cover letter, your resume and video link to melodie.j@breathe.edu.au & nicole.m@breathe.edu.au.