Bluethumb is one of Australia’s most exciting creative technology companies and Australia’s largest online art marketplace (over 17,000 artists and growing) and has been growing strongly now for over 9 years. We are looking for a full-stack Ruby and Rails developer to join our multinational team of five in-house RoR and QA engineers in Singapore, Bali, Japan, Saint Petersburg, New Zealand & Australia to continually build new features and improve existing UX.
Some of the tasks and projects on our roadmap for upcoming months:
  • New and improved artist reporting dashboards
  • Improved customer journey optimisation
  • On-site (elasticsearch-based) search engine improvements
  • AR integration for “view on the wall” experience
  • Front-end performance optimisations
  • New markets expansion
You might like working with us because:
  • We’ve been a remote-first technology oriented company long before the pandemic, some of our engineers have been working remotely at least for a decade. We know how to build and maintain an effective and friendly remote work environment.
  • Even though we are not fully-asynchronous yet (thus the minimal 5 hours overlap with an Australian time-zone requirement) – we’re heading towards this goal. We have only two group meetings per week, most of our communications are Slack-based.
  • We’re baking our releases in three-week sprints and as long as you’re fulfilling your duties during the sprint – there are no sleepless nights and deliveries on Fridays.
  • The work you do helps Australian artists build their careers. Many have made their career break on Bluethumb and rely on it for a living. The tech we build is socially impactful!
  • We’re no longer an early-stage startup, there’s more security, but we’re still growing very fast and there is plenty of low hanging fruits (sometimes small changes have a big impact which makes this work really rewarding).
  • You’ll work in a small team of awesome engineers focussed on shipping great product, in a complex environment.
? Location
This can be a remote role, but you MUST be located in a similar timezone to Australia (AEST) with at least 5 hours overlap (please check for comparison). We have offices in Adelaide & Melbourne, so bonus points if you are in either of these two cities.
? Experience
2 years of traceable production Ruby on Rails experience (boot camps are not considered as such). To succeed in this role, along with Ruby and Rails, you will be confident and experienced in front-end development and ideally also have knowledge in DevOps, QA, or Data Science.
⚒️ Tech stack
All our developers are full-stack and get really varied new experience; with a mix of front-end (solid level Vanilla and Vue.js), back-end (Ruby, Rails, Hanami), and DevOps (Docker Swarm/AWS), doing short sprints and bigger projects. Our ideal candidate:
– Ruby on Rails savvy
– Confident using Slim templates engine, CSS/SCSS/Tailwind, Vanilla JS/UJS/Vue.js
– Has production experience with Elasticsearch and Postgres
– Can demonstrate an advanced level of rspec usage
– Familiar with giving and taking code reviews
– Comfortable with occasional pair programming
– Ready to adjust to development guidelines
✏️ Application and process
Please send an application tailored to this position that speaks to us. Introduce yourself as a colleague. Show us you are genuinely interested in a future with Bluethumb. First impressions matter, so please do take your time with the application. We are keen to learn more about your past/current projects. Take us through your experience in a friendly way, as you would to a colleague. Generic templates and dry cover letters are hard work and seldom impressive – there’s no prize for being the first to submit!
We’d like to see examples of software you’ve written. The actual code. We appreciate that it can be hard to share representative samples when you’ve been working on commercial software, so anything you can scrape together will be good. If you have open source contributions, those are great candidates, but you don’t have to be an open-source contributor to apply.
For candidates interested enough to follow the guidelines above we would like to offer a routine code refactoring exercise that should highlight their current level of experience. If it goes well and that level meets our expectations – we invite them to a pair programming session where we resolve one of the tasks from our current pipeline together. And that’s it (yes, it is that easy)!
No recruiter applications or agencies please!
?‍?Benefits of working at Bluethumb
  • Building awesome tech – front end, backend.
  • With a team of 4 awesome devs already you’ll make a big impact, and see the results of your work.
  • Work in a fun, friendly team with heaps of experience.
  • Regular team trivia and v-hangouts.
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible working hours
  • Balanced workload
  • No bureaucracy
  • Unlimited room for growth