Why we are hiring
At Axon Vibe our Operations team are responsible for supporting our partners support their customers and our own Development teams work in the most efficient way. To achieve this, we a need an experienced Senior DevOps or Infrastructure Engineer to help.

Why this is interesting

You will have the opportunity to work with Software Engineers, Test Automation Engineers, Mobile Engineers & Data Scientists, ensuring that they have the best platform and tooling to enable the most efficient development possible.

We are in the fortunate position to use some of the latest tools and services available, within this role you will have the chance to work with:

AWS, EKS, OpenShift, Kubernetes, CentOS, Terraform, Kong, Helm, Flux, Docker, Datadog, JFrog, Jenkins, Maven, Kibana, Gitlab, statsd, LDAP, OpsGenie, Flyway, Docker Registry 

Java, Spring framework, PostgreSQL, DocumentDB, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Redis 

Your Responsibilities

Development Support
Beyond just pipelines DevOps Engineers must engage with all Squads to help them improve and optimise their working practices. This covers areas such as: 

  • CI tooling 
  • Data Science / Machine Learning Tools 
  • Developer Training 
Managed Kubernetes Platform
We are now at a growth stage for the business and need to ensure our Infrastructure is supported 24/7. To enable this, we are migrating from OpenShift to a managed Kubernetes platform (such as Amazon EKS) and our team will be working on this for the next few months.

Development Pipelines
We must ensure our development teams have robust pipelines and builds which allow them to build and test their code before submitting merge requests. The tests will include unit tests for functionality as well as code quality, object dependency, security screening and load testing.

What we need from you 

  • Positive, can-do attitude. We have a bold vision and want to shift thinking. We believe in integrity, curiosity, drive and balance in both work and life. Individual experience and education are great, but the right attitude gets you a long way. 
  • Bring a vast amount of experience to a small team.  We are at a crucial growth phase of the company and need a Senior Engineer to work pragmatically with all aspects of the business. 
  • Proven track record of developer enablement by working with developers and ensuring new tooling and automation is successfully adopted 
  • Experience (2-3 years) with managing, maintaining and deploying large scale platform as service or virtualization infrastructure, using Kubernetes and Docker.   
  • Experience creating and using continuous delivery/integration pipelines (build, test, deploy) & application configuration management.  
  • Comfortable with scripting (bash+python) and comfortable digging into code when needed, but not expected to be a coder.  
  • Experience with orchestration technologies such as terraform and ansible.   
  • Experience with monitoring systems, metric aggregation + analysis.   
Nice to haves 
  • Experience with both SQL and NoSQL technologies is useful.  
  • Demonstrate experience with large scale applications including micro-services architecture, load balancer, web application server, backend database, backend processes and message queues.  
The best parts of the job
  • We operate a high degree of trust with our staff, autonomy is important, and we give you responsibility to shape your own work. 
  • We are agile, and strive to continuously improve, one small win at a time.
  • As the business grows, as will our operations and security team. You will have opportunities to progress within DevOps Engineering or move into other roles within the organisation. 
  • You get to travel, at least to our HQ in Luzern, Switzerland, but also to our various locations to assist our partners 
The worst parts of the job…perhaps! 
  • We are a growing fast-paced and somewhat remote business, so the pace can sometimes feel too fast. 
  • DevOps roles do involve some call-out responsibility; however, the overall mission is to reduce this as much as possible via self-service support. A generous remuneration package is offered for on-call work.
  • Being the broken record, you will often be the gatekeeper for the infrastructure and best practices, so must ensure teams follow correct procedures and processes. 
  • Apple MacBook Pro as your work device 
  • All company meet-ups in Luzern (when safe to do so)
  • Chance to Travel to great locations (when safe to do so) 
  • Workplace pension 
  • Cycle to Work scheme 
  • Generous remuneration package for being on-call 
  • Flexible working around 42 hour working week 
  • 27 days holiday per year