“Avataris” creates a modern avatar technology which will be used for our first game – imagine a realistic, VR/AR capable life simulation like “The Sims”.


Our virtual characters are, indeed, very special:
·   Almost photorealistic, cutting-edge approach
·   Completely customizable, with endless options
·   Physical hair, clothes, soft skin & muscles
·   Life-like interactions (e.g. with Oculus Quest hand-tracking)
·   Will work on all devices & modes (3D, VR, AR)
·   Advanced dialogue system & voice recognition
·   Procedural animations, mocaps, IK, ragdoll, etc.
·   Optional multi-player mode (Social VR)

Possible tasks (depending on your interest and suitability):
·   Animation logic & procedural animations (IK, Ragdoll, Soft-Body/Cloths)
·   Lifelike, complex character behavior (virtual personalities)
·   Solving difficult Unity challenges and exploring new paths
·   Usage of the latest Unity technologies (Unity 2021.2, Ray-Tracing, DOTS)
·   Voice control, dialog system and player-character-interactions
·   Character individualization (geometry, blendshapes, hairstyles, clothing)
·   Game logic, level design, tutorial and story implementations
·   VR/AR developments (navigation/control, Oculus Quest Hand Tracking)
·   User interfaces for different devices (3D/VR/AR)
Your skills/experiences:
·   Unity3D (2019+) and C#
·   Depending on possible tasks above the corresponding experience
·   Passion for game development
·   English (advanced, if possible also “software English”)
·   Problem-solving oriented, proactive and self-organized
·   Ambitious and motivated
·   Organizational talent, conscientiousness and quality awareness
·   Experience in software development
·   Startup mentality
The advantages of our job offer:
·   Leading position in a rapidly growing, ambitious company
·   Varied work, personal responsibility and part in decision making 
·   Strong appreciation for performance, great influence on product
·   Acquire highly sought after skills, insights into future technologies 
·   We are a promising pioneer in gaming and avatar creation 
·   Our high market potential allows possible pay increase every quarter 
·   Very flexible work hours while remote working