Make your remote-first and remote-only clients highly successful by helping them optimize their operations and organization for growth; make these clients raving fans of Asamby Consulting by delivering sustainable impact and best-in-class service.
Revenue Generation
  • You acquire and consult up to 4 clients at a time end-to-end on optimizing their operations, people management and strategy execution. The goal is to leave lasting impact, we’re not looking for a powerpoint artist.
Build Operations Consulting Unit of Asamby Consulting
  • You develop and define how Asamby Consulting offers its consulting services services within the first 180 days, in terms of project delivery, collaboration and pricing
  • You build effective documentation and standards to achieve highest quality and efficiently onboard new team members
  • You generate new mission-related revenue resources.
People Management
  • You identify at least 2 potential A-Players for the Asamby Consulting Talent Pool per year
  • You support in recruiting process and hiring decisions
Business Analysis: You have strong business acumen, are able to grasp other companies’ operations and business models quickly and are able to understand and optimize processes.
Drive to make others successful: You have an inner driver to make others successful.
Proactivity: You act without being told what to do.
Team Player: You collaborate effectively with your peers.
Enthusiasm: You exhibit passion and excitement about your work. You have a can-do attitude
Follow-through on commitments: You honor verbal or written agreements, regardless of personal cost.
Flexibility & Adaptability: You are able to adapt quickly to changing environments or new / changing client requirements and you are constantly learning new tools and techniques. You are able to work with clients from all over the world.
Strategic Thinking / Visioning: You are able to see and communicate the big picture in an inspiring way.
Honesty & Integrity: You don’t corner ethically and do what’s right.
Organization & Planning: You plan, organize, schedule and execute on priority tasks.
Analytical Skills: You are able to abstract, structure and process data to draw insights from it.
Efficiency: Ability to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort.
English: You are native or bilingual in English, Fluent as a minimum. Additional languages are a plus.
Software Knowledge: Ability to work with the tools that our remote clients love like Asana, Slack, Google Workspace, Clickup, Zoom, Notion, Calendly, Loom, Miro and others.
  • The position is 100% remote. You should be able to work for clients in different timezones like EST or Australia), but on a self-managed schedule.
  • Full-time. Part-time could be an option if we are a great fit otherwise.
  • Starting date: July 1st or whatever works for both of us.
  • We don’t offer free fruit or coffee, but if you’re looking for meaningful work, an annual training budget, volunteering time and the chance to work in a environment that you will shape yourself we are a great fit.
  • We are a tiny but awesome team.
  • Send us an application that makes us excited to work with you.
Asamby Consulting (asamby.com, @asambyconsulting) is a young remote-only management consulting firm. We are born in Toronto, recently moved to Stuttgart, Germany and serve clients all over the world, from California to Australia. Our focus is on remote companies up to 100 employees. We consult them in four areas:
  • Operations
  • Organization & People
  • Strategy Execution and
  • Digital & Automation
Our Mission
  • We work hard to make our remote small and medium-sized clients extraordinarily successful by delivering sustainable impact with the best people in the best environment and the best tools.
  • In doing so, we provide a counter movement to ever-consolidating winner-takes-all markets by adding competition and new relevant players.We are excited to hear from you!
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