Hi there!

I’m Daniel, the CEO of Arrows, a small startup which is growing our team. I wrote a more detailed job description + a bunch of info about our company here: https://arrows.to/jobs

A few important excerpts:

  1. Arrows is a high-touch customer onboarding tool, but in time will focus on helping customer across the entire customer lifecycle.
  2. Arrows helps the customers of our customers work towards the goals and outcomes they have in mind when they purchased a product. Our incentives are very nicely aligned with our customers and the users of our product.
  3. This would be one of the first 2 engineers on the team outside of the cofounders. We already have a designer and others joining.
  4. This developer would get stock in the company, a very nice amount, and we are planning to give compensation bumps every 12 months at least (provided we hit our goals).
  5. We’re fully remote and have been since we started. Daniel (CEO) is in Los Angeles, CA and Benedict (CTO) is in Madison, WI. Our first two employees are in Seattle and Portland, and we plan to continue building the team wherever we can find great people.
  6. We offer pre-tax reimbursements for Health, Dental, and Eye insurance. We should be able to cover most or all of your payments for these via the reimbursement. (In the future, we will move to a group plan once it is more beneficial to do so.) We offer unlimited vacation, with the expectation that you will actually use a minimum of two weeks of vacation. We have standard holidays off, and believe people do the best work when they are rested and focused.
How to apply
Please email me at dz@arrows.to with some information about yourself and why you’re interested. He’ll schedule a Zoom call with you so we can meet. If it goes well, we’ll have you meet other members of the team, do a small (paid) test project, and then make an offer or no decision very quickly.
Our goal is to give you a great experience no matter what happens. But we’re small, so please be patient and generous with your understanding if we don’t meet those expectations just yet!

What technology is Arrows built on?

Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, Heroku, Hotwire/Stimulus, Tailwind CSS, Sidekiq, and more. We do our best to use the latest versions of each.
We care about using the right tools for the job. At Arrows, you’re not going to use the newest hot framework or rebuild the architecture into microservices, etc. Today’s challenges Arrows needs to solve are in serving our customers and their users, not in technological innovation. Instead, we will innovate on design, user experience, and building what our customers want.

What’s this role’s focus?

Right now there is a lot of stuff our customers want. Our challenge is making sure we can deliver high-quality software to our customers quickly.
To achieve that, we expect this developer to be able to guide product ideas from inception to production, sometimes entirely on their own. But don’t worry, our founders and head of design will all be there for support when needed.
Your goal is to build features that our customers want, with the ultimate goal that we can hit our next revenue milestone. Hitting our revenue goals means we are building a company that people want to exist and we can survive longer. We share this goal as a team, and it’s important to us that we hire people who care about our customers and making the company survive.

A few things you might build…

  • A new dashboard of active onboarding plans, with search, filters, and new ways of grouping
  • A Salesforce integration so customers can sync data between Arrows and their CRM
  • Custom domain support so customers can more deeply white-label their onboarding plans
  • Reporting infrastructure and UI so customers can gather insights from their onboarding
  • New ways for customers to manage tasks and plans across multiple customers at once
  • Hopefully at least a few ideas you come up with on your own after talking with Arrows customers!