Engineering Manager
At AlphaSights, we search through more than 500 million professionals working in the world today to find the small handful of experts qualified to answer our clients needs. They use these insights to drive amazing progress within their organisations. Our mission is to provide access to dispersed, hidden, and underutilized knowledge.
We’ve made terrific progress working in this new space, but there is still an incredible amount of work to do. We’ve only just scratched the surface on how we can apply technology to this problem.
AlphaSights’ Engineering Managers are the technical team leaders that excel at unlocking their team’s potential for high quality delivery.  They manage both the technical and the people side of their teams; being both a career mentor as well as a technical mentor for their developers.  They spend a majority of their time ensuring the technical excellence of their team, unblocking their team for maximum delivery, and communicating the team’s needs and progress to the rest of the organization.  As an engineering manager you are expected to be able to write and optimize code, as well as ensure that your developers can do the same. You’ll work closely with a variety of people in the business to arrive at the best solution, immediately see the impact of your work, and get feedback directly from users.
We are looking for experienced managers who are interested in running (and growing) technical teams, and applying their passions to drive continual improvements to AlphaSights’ core infrastructure.  You will manage multiple teams which play key roles in scaling and improving our core infrastructure, and will stamp out any technical debt that is uncovered along the way.  You will not be responsible for any direct client facing services; you will be responsible for the infrastructure and backend services that power the client facing features.

You will:
– Manage multiple teams of software engineers, including task planning and code reviews
– Technically own (and typically build) our core platform teams, as well as our communications backend.
– Work with technical leadership to flesh out the technical roadmap and ensure that the team is solving the right problems to help the business
– Improve and evolve our core infrastructure to continue to reduce developer friction for deployment
– Optimize and scaling our overall platform architecture
– Ensure that the team adheres to high standards and practices sustainable engineering
– Help your team grow from both a technical and career perspective.
– Follow an agile methodology for rapid, nimble delivery.

You might be a fit if you:
– Have at least 5 years of professional development experience, and have at least 2 years of management experience
– Are proficient in at least 2 of the following languages: Java, Python, Ruby.  All 3 is a plus.
– Enjoy mentoring other team members, including code reviews and tech talks
– Can balance deep work with cross team collaboration
– Enjoy writing code in a variety of languages
– Constantly learn from and mentor other engineers
Don’t worry if your experience or background doesn’t match all of these areas, we believe a broad spectrum of experience provides great perspective on solving problems in new and innovative ways and we’d love to hear from you.

Who you would work with:
– You would join a dynamic, multinational, and diverse team who enjoy solving interesting problems in a collaborative environment
– We have self-taught engineers as well as graduates from top Computer Science and Engineering schools
– Your co-workers will include motivated recent graduates as well as experienced industry leaders from companies such as Google and Amazon

Find out more: http://engineering.alphasights.com