Are You A Veteran Online Marketer Who Can Help Us 10x Two Revolutionary Agencies?
If you’re looking for a role where you can: 
  • Drive the growth of two awesome online businesses
  • Increase your earnings as our profit grows
  • Have the freedom to run your own show
Then this page could literally change the course of your career. But only if you keep reading.
First, though, a little bit about us.

Who We Are
We’re Sharp Capital and we build, acquire, sell and grow digital assets. Disrupting an industry is an overused term, but it perfectly describes what we’re all about. 
We tackle the six main difficulties experienced by people who want to invest in digital assets:
  1. Super-high broker fees if you’re trying to sell your business.
  2. Inflated valuations if you’re trying to buy a business.
  3. Long learning cycle & high failure rate when launching a business from scratch.
  4. Very expensive and inefficient options for growing your business (Operators).
  5. Inability to passively invest your capital with confidence.
  6. Inability to even enter the industry due to a lack of technical knowledge.
We do so through our three core businesses – Investors Club, Buzz Logic and Alpha Investors. 
And there’s been a great demand for what we do. 
To give you an idea, Alpha Investors, which isn’t even our main business, grew to 7-figures in just over a year. 
Not bad,right? But now we’re ready to do a lot more. And that’s where your expertise comes in.
Until now, we’ve focused most of our time on Investors Club. And we haven’t grown Alpha Investors or Buzz Logic to their fullest potential yet. 
So we need you to come in and take the lead. 
As our Business Manager, your priority is to exponentially grow both businesses. You’ll scale our marketing efforts to attract new clients and create avenues for increasing our revenue.
The way we see it, we’re leaving tons of money on the table. Your job is to make sure we take advantage of all the opportunities available. 
But what’s in it for you, and why would you want to join us?

6 Reasons To Join Sharp Capital As Our Business Manager 
1. Run Your Own Show
This is a leadership role where you’ll work with our CEO and COO to define our company-wide objectives. 
But it’s your show to run. So don’t expect any micromanaging or hand-holding. 
Of course, we’ll support you in any way we can because your success matters. 
But you’re in charge of managing our performance. And you’ll be responsible for making sure that our existing customers keep coming back while new business pours in. 
You can make that happen by scaling our email marketing, social media presence, SEO, guerilla marketing…the options are endless. And we’re trusting you to make the right decisions to 10x our business.
If you’re ready for this level of responsibility, then this is the right role for you.
2. Grow Two Revolutionary Companies
With over 50 years of combined industry experience, our services help clients generate sales ASAP without the hassle or months of work they’d need otherwise. Our business models generated 7-figures in just over a year. 
We’re really proud of what we’ve built so far and we know it can be so much more. But what are the two businesses that you’ll be working on all about?
At Alpha Investors, we help investors, entrepreneurs, and affiliate marketers build, buy, and sell profitable content sites. To help our clients make money we:
  • Build high-converting custom affiliate sites in less than 30 days 
  • Produce SEO content that gets the rankings, readers, and results they need
  • Create pre-made affiliate sites that are ready to go in 24 hours or less
And at Buzz Logic we help our clients free up their time and scale their business by doing what we do best – optimizing websites for growth. We provide:
  • Full website management
  • SEO audits
  • Strategy and consulting
No one else is doing what we do so the marketplace is ours to dominate. And that’s exactly what we’re counting on you to do. With your unique mix of expertise and creativity, we know you’ll deliver.  
So if you’re as excited about this opportunity as we are, we’re a great match!
3. Let Your Expertise Shine
Is email marketing your preferred way of growth? We have a list of over 20,000 subscribers so there’s definitely potential there.
Or are you more of a social media marketing maverick? Or maybe guerilla marketing is your thing? 
With us, you’re free to implement whatever you’re confident will deliver the explosive growth we’re looking for. 
So whatever helps drive more sales, we want to try it. And when we do find success, we won’t stop there. Because you can always drive more sales, right? 
You’ll be responsible for a lot in this role. If you’re up for the challenge, we want you on our team. 
4. Increase Your Earnings As Our Profit Grows
We offer a competitive monthly salary plus a profit-sharing compensation plan. That means that the more money the business makes, the more money you’ll make. 
Your contribution to our long-term success will be massive so it’s only fair that you’re compensated accordingly. 
The only limit to how much you earn is how quickly and how big you can grow our businesses.
If you want to own a piece of what we’re building, join our team.
5. Work Remotely With No Fixed Schedule 
We don’t mind if you work 10 minutes or 10 hours a day. We’re 100% performance based which means that we care about results. 
With us, you’ll have the flexibility to design a schedule which allows you to do your best work on your time. 
Need to run an errand? No problem. Have to pick up the kids from school or get a quick workout in? Go for it. We don’t mind as long as you meet your objectives and deliver the expected results on time. 
Don’t get us wrong, you’ll be expected to meet our big ambitions. And meeting them won’t be easy. But no one’s ever looking over your shoulder because we trust that you’ll get things done.
If these conditions work for you, then join our team!
6. This Is The Next Step In Your Career
We’re offering a lot. So we expect a lot from you too. This job will be unlike anything else you’ve done in your career. 
Are you up for the challenge?

Here’s What We Expect From You
  • You have a proven track record of sustainably scaling at least one marketing, tech or e-commerce business
  • You’re an expert online marketer: you’re proficient at SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, or guerilla marketing, etc 
  • You have meaningful experience working with monetized content sites
  • You’re customer-centric and results-oriented
  • You have a solid understanding of web development [preferred but not required]
Our team is based all around the globe and you’re free to work from any timezone. 
We want to pay you proportionally to your contribution so your salary will have a fixed and a profit-sharing component. There is no specific number we can give you now but we’ll design the exact compensation plan with you.
Please indicate your salary expectations in the application form. But to be clear, we don’t expect your total salary to be lower than $60,000 per year. And the right candidate could easily command much higher compensation.
This is a full-time position, and we expect your complete focus and dedication.