Interesting Reasons to Start Wearing Glasses in the Office

Interesting Reasons to Start Wearing Glasses in the Office


People wear glasses for all sorts of reasons, naturally, their vision may need correction or perhaps they simply prefer wearing frames to contact lenses. Whatever the reason, people who wear glasses at work often feel like they’re at an advantage over their co-workers.

Perhaps it’s their particular style choice or the fact that glasses make you more memorable to your peers and those big bosses you’re trying to impress, but it’s true that more people are wearing glasses at work and not just to help correct their vision.

Just a few short decades ago, wearing glasses often meant being pigeon-holed into being a geek, or someone overly bookish and shy. Today, thanks to the development and advances of glasses and lens technology – check out for the latest in high index lenses – glasses have never been more on-trend, giving the wearers confidence, style and even a much-needed performance boost at work. In this post, we’ll explore some interesting reasons you should start wearing glasses in the office.

You’ll Be Considered to Be Approachable

A new person in the office? You may find that they gravitate towards you, or maybe a colleague has a query and they’re looking for someone helpful and approachable to lend a hand – yep, you’ve guessed it: That’s you! There’s some part of us that assumes that people who wear glasses are much more approachable and kinder than those who don’t. Studies have shown that people who wear glasses are considered to be more successful which could explain why people looking for assistance might seek you out. Glasses also highlight your willingness to own your flaws, which gives others the confidence to approach you.

You’ll Be Less Tired

Wearing contact lenses can dry your eyes out, make them tired and itchy and incredibly uncomfortable, especially after a long day in front of a screen. Wearing glasses helps to keep your eyes fresh and your concentration levels high, something which won’t go unnoticed by your boss or your peers! Wearing glasses with a blue lens coating, can also give your eyes added protection from blue light, which can also lead to headaches, difficulties sleeping and mood swings, wearing glasses makes you fresh as a daisy and even less likely to need time off work!

You’re Instantly Memorable

Whether you have a new boss meeting all the office staff, or you have a new starter who’s looking for a familiar and friendly face, wearing glasses instantly makes you more memorable. Especially if you’ve chosen frames that complement your signature look and highlight your features. It’s not always easy to stand out in an office environment, however, your eyeglasses could go a long way to helping you be chosen for specific tasks, or being referred to by your peers.

Final Thoughts…

Glasses are the ultimate accessory and can help you move forward at work, giving you more confidence as well as improving your eye health. Consider wearing yours to work and see what a difference it makes.


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