Independent Careers That Make Sense in 2023

Independent Careers That Make Sense in 2023

The best independent career choices for 2023 include massage therapy, real estate investing, tax preparation, and vehicle brokerage services. All offer long-term financial stability and the chance to work alone. Most require at least some formal training or education, but all are rewarding, interesting, and challenging. Here are more details about the four options for working independently.

Massage Therapist

The bodywork field is currently in a state of rapid expansion. Partly due to the entry of men as customers, which was a long time coming, and the widespread acceptance by the medical community of massage as a legitimate therapy, there’s never been a better time to earn a license as an LMT (licensed massage therapist). Practitioners can work for hotels and national franchises or start their own studios. In most large and medium-sized metro areas, there are shortages of LMTs.

Additionally, certification costs are relatively low. For those who can’t afford the price of schooling, low-cost loans are available. One advantage of the job is that therapists can work part-time on weekends and evenings while holding a full-time job. Then, when they acquire enough clients to make the transition to massage therapy as their primary career, the switch is relatively simple. Most full-time LMTs work between 25 and 35 hours per week.

Professional Real Estate Investor

There are dozens of ways to invest in real estate as an independent career choice. Some prefer to specialize in house flipping, while others are more interested in building long-term, reliable income streams through ownership of rental properties. If the rental approach appeals to you, be sure to explore the most common ways investors leverage renting to build secure careers in the field.

Within the rental sub-category, there are various ways to proceed. In the 2020s, people use all kinds of strategies, including Airbnb-style arrangements, purchasing stand-alone vacation homes in nearby cities, investing in small commercial buildings, etc. Fortunately, the real estate universe is a vast and expanding place, so there are always new and exciting opportunities to earn income arising every few years.

Tax Preparation & Resolution Expert

There’s a shortage of qualified tax preparers, and in spite of the widespread use of software, citizens still seek out individuals who possess experience in the field of personal and small business tax filing. It’s essential to obtain an ID number from the IRS, know the latest version of the tax code, and advertise for clients. Those serious about building a long-term career as preparers take a series of certification exams that lead to a designation of Enrolled Agent. These professionals can represent their clients in IRS-related matters and acquire extensive education in all the latest changes in taxation rules and regulations. Enrolled agents can work online and serve customers in all 50 states.

Automobile Broker

In an age where most of the retail shopping takes place online, consumers are developing a distaste for doing in-person deals for major purchases. That’s just one reason the field of automobile brokerage is growing so quickly. As a buyer’s agent, car brokers earn a flat fee from their clients, can work from home, and develop a steady income within a few months of setting up their business. Plus, the learning curve is short. For newcomers, it’s reasonable to expect advertising to be the single largest expense for the first year of operations.

It’s imperative to develop professional relationships with local dealerships so you can gain insight into their inventory flows, typical markups, and owners’ willingness to throw in a few extras in exchange for your steady business. Remember, as a broker, you’ll be bringing business to dealerships, so it’s in their interest to give you the lowest prices possible. In effect, brokers are wholesale vehicle buyers, a status that comes with a long list of benefits.

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