Finding a Job in a Turbulent Economy

Finding a Job in a Turbulent Economy

Have all the recent economic upheavals and disruptions, the COVID pandemic to name just one, made your job search a significant challenge? If so, you’re not alone. As unemployment continues to rise and pandemic restrictions continue to take their toll on small businesses, it’s getting tougher to find career-worthy employment.

That cold fact of the early 2020s holds true even if you have several years of experience and a vast professional network as a resource. Fortunately, there are a few tried and true techniques for snagging gainful employment in the worst of times. Some are basic, timeless tips for job seekers, while others are more sophisticated strategies for getting a decent position that pays well and has a realistic career path. Besides knowing how to dress for interviews, leveraging the power of your network, and researching every organization your interview with, it helps to have the proper credentials and a clean digital footprint on social media. Start with knowing what to wear.

Dress for Success

The phrase ‘dress for success’ was already a cliche in the 1970s, but the concept has never grown old. Men should wear formal suits and ties, and women can get by with a broader variety of attire, like business-appropriate dresses and pants suits. The trick is to appear neither too flashy nor dull. Avoid overly formal dinner wear and party clothes, even if they look great on you.

Pay for the Right Credentials

If you need to finish up a college degree, obtain a professional certificate in a particular field, or attend special training to get the job of your dreams, don’t let a lack of savings stand in the way. The smart way to cover tuition and training fees is to take out a personal loan from a private lender. That way, you can get the certificate or degree you need as quickly as possible. Private lenders offer competitive rates and reasonable terms. Additionally, you can apply online and get all the details of the loan agreement in a matter of minutes.

Use Your Network

When the global economy is in a lull, as it is now, your best bet for finding employment leads is to use personal and professional networks. Especially if you want to redefine your career path and potentially switch industries, you will need an entryway into new sectors. And all the best openings never see the light of job boards. Make it a point to send a digital copy of your resume to anyone who might be able to assist you. Don’t be passive about the task by assuming people know you’re looking for work. You must explicitly inform your network members that you are on the hunt and would appreciate information about potential positions.

Do Research Before Each Interview

Spend at least one hour researching any company you will be interviewing with. Find out the basics about the organization, read local news stories about them, peruse the company blog, learn the names of the key people, and memorize a thumbnail history of the business. Many HR folks ask questions to see if candidates have taken time to learn about their organization.

Clean Up Your Digital Footprint

Double-check all your social media accounts to make sure that potential employers won’t find embarrassing photos, comments, or links. This might take a few hours for active users, but it’s better than having a picture, meme, or comment sink an otherwise excellent job opportunity.


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