Employee Recognition: The Why and How

Employee Recognition: The Why and How

In the competitive world that we live in today, businesses that want an advantage over their competition need the best-trained and well-skilled staff, meaning that such employees are in high demand in different industries. Couple this with a tight labor market, and you can see why ensuring employees are happy and satisfied with the workplace and their jobs is crucial. 

Employees not motivated enough due to their work and effort not being recognized are also more likely to move to other companies because numerous opportunities are available. At the very least, they are less likely to perform to the expected standards. Employee recognition can help solve these issues.

What is Employee Recognition?

Employee recognition is the acknowledgment of exemplary work done by an employee. It reinforces positive behaviors, activities, and practices that lead to better employee performance and positive business outcomes.

Why is it Important?

Employee recognition is important for a few key reasons. First, it makes employees happier, improves productivity, and produces positive results. Second, it improves employee retention. Retention is the ability of a company to hold on to its employees regardless of what is happening in the larger market. 

Third, employee recognition cultivates a culture of self-improvement. Businesses should provide their employees with learning and improvement opportunities. Recognizing the skills and performance of an employee is the foundation on which a culture of self-improvement through learning and improvement opportunities is built.

Lastly, employee recognition boosts morale. Letting employees know you recognize and appreciate their efforts is a great way to motivate them.

Effective Employment Recognition Options

While how you recognize employees differs from one business to the next, several options work universally.

Incentive Programs

Employee rewards work hand in hand with recognition, as the rewards are given for a job well done. Financial incentives such as bonuses, stock options, and raises are all excellent options. Personal gifts like gift cards for their favorite brands paired with a personalized message also work very well. You can learn more about how to incentivize employees using gift cards here as well as how to get started with creating one.

Host Employee Appreciation Days or Events

Recognizing an employee’s efforts and praising them in front of their peers is excellent because it gives them a confidence and self-esteem boost while helping them garner more respect from their peers. Additionally, employees will be motivated to do better because they know you will appreciate their efforts.

Depending on your preferences, you can organize an employee appreciation day or event every month, quarter, or year to recognize your top employees.

Hang an Employee Recognition Wall

Some might say an employee recognition wall is outdated, but it is not. You can hang a board with the names and pictures of the top employees and let everyone stick congratulatory notes on it. The board will inspire those on it to keep doing their best to stay on it and those not on it to do their best.

There are numerous ways to recognize the efforts and performances of your employees. Your recognition program should be based on a culture that appreciates top employees. The recognition program will have many benefits for both employees and the business, notably happier and more productive employees as well as high retention and low turnover rates for the company.

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