Careers For People Who Love The Outdoors

Careers For People Who Love The Outdoors

A love of the outdoors and a successful work-life don’t have to be mutually exclusive, as many outdoor-based careers. The best thing is that the career paths based outside vary hugely, so there’s something for everyone. So, if you can’t stand the thought of being stuck inside most days of the week, don’t despair the right career is out there for you.

Adventure Sports Coaching

Passing on your love of adventure sports is the ultimate way to love your work. Many outdoor sports facilities teach courses such as sailing, rock climbing, and snowboarding. Becoming a qualified instructor allows you to hone your skills while also passing them on to a new generation. And you’ll be surrounded by like-minded colleagues, which ensures a fun work environment. 

Pest control

Keeping our towns and cities clean and safe takes all sorts of people, with pest controllers playing a pivotal part. Exterminator jobs are vital as they ensure our homes and workplaces remain habitable. Infestations of insects like bed bugs and cockroaches are highly unpleasant and bad for health, while termites literally eat wooden houses into oblivion. Pest control also take care of animal issues, reducing conflict between wildlife and humans,


Food production is vital to modern society, meaning farming is always a meaningful and viable career. The farming sector is surprisingly varied, with plenty of scope for advancement should career progression interest you. Entry-level farm jobs are very practical, perfect if you don’t have a tertiary-level education. However, with higher education, there are many directions you can go within the farming sector, from farm management to land surveyor.

Forest Ranger

Our national forests are a treasure for everyone to enjoy, and forest rangers play an integral part in their smooth running. A forest ranger gets to travel and play in great wilderness spaces while encouraging the public to do the same. There is more to the job, though, with conservation and education an essential piece of the job description. What this means is that being a member of the ranger service makes for an exciting, varied career that brings you into contact with a wide range of people and places. 

Field Archaeology

Archaeology can seem like a glamourous career to choose with the stunning artifacts you find and study. The truth is it’s not glamourous, and most finds aren’t visually stunning; however, if you have a passion for history and being outdoors, field archaeology is exciting. There is plenty of scope for travel, with digs taking place in urban gardens to historical sites worldwide. To make a career in this field, you will need a university education, but the payoff is spending your days furthering our understanding of human history.

Loving the outdoors doesn’t mean spending your working week stuck indoors daydreaming about the adventures you have planned for your next day off. With such a variety of outdoorsy careers available, you can get that fresh air fix while paying the bills and progressing careerwise.

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