5 Easy Tips To Overcome Interview Anxiety

5 Easy Tips To Overcome Interview Anxiety

You’re familiar with the feeling: your palms start sweating, you start to shake and for some reason, your mind goes completely blank. Sounds like a dreaded case of interview jitters!

Nerves can bring even the most professional candidate to their knees, impeding their chances of securing the job, even if they’re the most qualified.

If you know that you’re prone to nerves, make sure you take the necessary steps to control them—before you step into the interview room, not after.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to overcome interview nerves:

1. Be Prepared

Nerves are often triggered by anxiety. It’s common to worry that you won’t know the answer to a particular question in the interview, or that you won’t have the necessary knowledge to wow your prospective employer.

You can help alleviate this concern by doing your research. Predict possible questions and make sure you know the answers. Feeling well-prepared can help calm your anxiety.

2. Sleep Well


It might be tempting to soothe your worries with several glasses of wine the night before. While this may feel good at the time, it certainly won’t the next day. Have a relaxing bath, avoid too much alcohol, eat well, and get a good night’s sleep.

3. Think Ahead


To save yourself time worrying in the morning, lay out your best suit, make sure you’ve already purchased your train tickets or petrol, get some money out if you need to buy lunch, and make sure all your time in the day is spent focusing on the important task—preparing for that interview.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice


If you’re really anxious, ask a trusted friend or family member to perform a “test” interview on you the day before. You’ll get a chance to practice your performance and also receive some valuable feedback.

5. Stay Positive


Remember, you can do this. You’re qualified for the job, you’ve got some great credentials, and you’ve got the necessary experience.

This company is just as lucky to be interviewing you as you are to be interviewed by them! Boost your self-confidence by telling yourself that it’s in your power to get this job. You can do it.

And In The Interview Itself…


If you feel your heart start to race and your forehead break out in a sweat, take a deep breath. Remember, the people interviewing you want you to succeed. They’re desperately seeking the right person to join their company, and they’re really hoping that you’re that person.

If you start to feel nerves getting the better of you, ask for a moment to pause and gather your thoughts. If necessary, be honest with your interviewers, and explain to them that you’re feeling nervous because the job matters a lot to you.

It’s likely that they’ll understand; after all, they’re human too, and they’ve probably experienced nerves at some point in their lives.

Take it slow and steady and keep reminding yourself, this is your job. You can achieve it!

We hope these tips will help calm your nerves and ease any interview anxiety you may be experiencing.

Remember though, it’s okay to be nervous; that means the job opportunity means A LOT to you. Whenever we embark on a new and exciting journey, our nerves let us know we’re on the right path.

Now, with that in mind, go out there and ace that interview!

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